Primers for solid wood & parquet floors

The range of primers consists of the products below. Please find here the Product Guide Primers and Adhesives.

  • Wakol D3055 Universal Primer Parquet

    Wakol D3055 Universal Primer Parquet

    Wakol D3055 Universal Primer Parquet is a waterbased primer for under wooden flooring adhesives on absorbant subfloors.

    • Strengthens the subfloor surface
    • Not suitable as damp proof membrane
    • Non hazardous
    • Consumption per m²: 100-150 g/m²
    • Packaging (article nr.): 10 kg (135007)
  • Wakol PU280 Polyurethane Primer: only 45 minutes drying time!

    Wakol PU280 Polyurethane Primer

    Wakol PU280 Polyurethane Primer is for priming absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, and to reinforce abraded concrete edges. Also for capillary ascending humidity and higher residual humidity up to 6 CM% in cement paving without floor heating on heated cement paving up to max. 3 CM%.

    • Single component polyurethane resin primer
    • Suitable for use as a damp proof membrane
    • Strengthens the subfloor
    • Can be used on absorbant and non-absorbant subfloors
    • Quick drying (only 45 minutes per layer)!
    • Solvent and water free
    • Usage per m²: approx. 100-150 g/m² as primer, approx. 250-350 g/m² as moister blocker
    • Packaging (article nr.): 5 kg (130761) / 11 kg (130762) 
  • Wakol R4515: degreaser for tile floors

    Wakol R4515

    Wakol R4515 degreases a tiled floor and promotes adhesion very quickly.

    • Consumption per m²: 0,05 ltr
    • Packaging (article nr.): 5 ltr (124529)

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