Maintenance products for solid wood & parquet floors

To preserve the look of a wooden floor and ensure its longevity - in addition to professional installation and finishing - good maintenance is one of the key requirements. As simple as that!

Lecol has been active for almost 40 years in the development of cleaning and maintenance products for wood and laminated flooring. Our aim is to offer high quality products that offer the best level of protection without changing the colour or appearance of the floor.

The LOBA products are safe and easy to use and with outstanding visual results. Lecol respects the environment in which we live and safety is important, which is why all LOBA products have a childproof cap. LOBA has developed the right maintenance product for every type of floor. Using LOBA products enables you to keep your floor looking as good as the day it was installed with the minimum amount of effort!

  • Lacquered floors

    Lacquered floors

    Wooden floors can be finished with several coats of a wear proof lacquer. This finish is more or less impermeable, but not completely water proof. In this case you can clean the floor with a water based cleaner and protect the floor with a polish. A lacquered floor will always shine more than an oiled floor. Due to this, small blemishes and scratches will be more noticeable. The colour of the wood also has a big influence, the darker the wood, the faster you will notice any damage.

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  • Oiled floors

    Oiled floors

    Another finish used on wooden floors is (hardwax) oil. Usually two coats of oil are applied. The oil penetrates deep in to the wood and the impregnation will protect the surface. The floor may be  cleaned with a water based cleaner as an oiled finish is not waterproof. Then the floor can be maintained with our maintenance oil. This type of floor can have a very natural matt appearance and damage and scratches are not always obvious. However, an oiled floor is more vulnerable to dirt.

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