Hardwax oil for solid wood & parquet floors

For a very natural look a floor can be finished with hardwax oil. The Lobadur Markant is a new generation of  hardwax oil, with many unique advantages. Once the second or final layer is appied, the floor is finished. It just needs some time to cure. After a while the customer will need to start a maintenance programme.

The range of hardwax products for solid wood and parquet floors consists of:

  • Lobasol Markant: the natural oil/wax combination

    Lobasol Markant

    Besides the lacquers, we also have an excellent hardwaxoil: Lobasol Markant.
    Lobasol Markant is a product specifically developed to impregnate untreated wooden floors, parquet and cork. It is made of natural waxes and modified natural oils. Usage of Lobasol Markant makes the floor abrasion-resistant, water and dirt repellent. Cleaning and maintenance by using waxes and/or Lobacare WaxCleaner will be easier.

    The advantages of the Lobasol Markant:

    • Colouring with only one layer and still a perfect protection!
    • Coloured version is ready-for-use
    • Complete palette of 6 contemporary colors (+ 1 transparent)
    • Beautiful natural colour and a beautiful matte effect
    • Maintenance with oil or wax possible
    • Easy to apply with any tool*
    • After about 1 week enough hardened and impervious to moisture "depending on relative humidity and temperature"

    * except with a Taski-trekker.

    • Consumption: 750 ML for 30m² / 2,5 LTR for 100 m²
    • Packaging (article nr.): 750 ML (119750) / 2,5 LTR (118333) / 10 LTR (119751)
  • Lobasol Markant Color: ready-for-use coloured oil/wax combination

    Lobasol Markant Color

    Lobasol Markant Color is the coloured variant of the Lobasol Markant. The following colours are available in a packaging of 750 ML:

    • Bilinga
    • Black
    • Jatoba
    • Kambala/Iroko
    • Mahogany
    • Papyrus
    • Smoked oak
    • Sucupira
    • Wenge
    • White