Adhesives for solid wood & parquet floors

By installing the parquet to the subfloor with high-quality Lecol products, shrinkage and expanded movement of the wood are limited. This contributes to the long life of the floor and minimizes the formation of seams or gaps. In addition, noisy hollow sounds from footfall, will be limited.

Please find here the Product Guide Primers and Adhesives.

  • MS Polymer adhesives

    MS Polymer adhesives

    MS Polymer adhesives are safe, clean and user friendly. That means that there are no known allergic reactions and that the adhesive can easily be removed from hands as well as finished floors. This type of parquet adhesive is water-and solvent-free and meets most international standards.

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  • PU Adhesives

    PU Adhesives

    Polyurethane parquet adhesives are solvent-free and suitable for porous and non-absorbent subfloors. Moreover, the Lecol PU adhesives are ideal for bonding lacquered wooden floors. The range includes both single and two-component polyurethane adhesives.

    The main features of the Lecol polyurethane adhesives are:

    • Universally applicable
    • Solvent and water free
    • Very low emission level EC1
    • 100% solid content
    • Suitable for all types of wood flooring
    • Suitable for use with waterborne lacquers
    • Suitable for underfloor heating systems
    • Good filling capacity
    • Excellent bonding and adhesion properties
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  • Alcohol-based adhesives

    Alcohol-based adhesives

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  • PVAC

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