Preparing products for carpet & resilient

Currently, our range of preparing products consists of the following products:

  • Wakol D3045: Special Primer

    Wakol D3045

    Wakol D3045 is a ready-to-use dispersion-based primer to use as an adhesive bridge for Wakol levelling compounds on Wakol PU280 Polyurethane Primer and cast asphalt as well as thoroughly cleaned ceramic tiles, natural stone flooring and terrazzo indoors.

    • Consumption per m²: 100-150 g/m²
    • Packaging (article nr.): 16 kg (125274)
  • Wakol D3050 Plastification Additive

    Wakol D3050 Plastification Additive

    Wakol D3050 Plastification Additive is a ready-to-use dispersion agent for upgrading Wakol levelling compounds to increase adhesion, flexibility and reduction of shrinkage tension for applications indoors.

    • Recommended mixture: 6,25-7,25 l WAKOL D3050 + 25 KG levelling compound.
    • Packaging (article nr.): 10 kg (125559) 
  • Wakol PS205 Cast Resin

    Wakol PS205 Cast Resin

    Wakol PS205 Cast Resin is an extremely quick hardening polymer-modified two-component silica resin for renovating concrete subfloor cracks as well as for bonding studded boards, metal sections and synthetic or natural stone to absorbent
    and non-absorbent subfloors indoors.

    • Consumption per m²: depending on size and repair work for bonding approx. 200-300 g/m 2
    • Packaging (article nr.): 300 ml A-Komp.(116375) / 300 ml B-Komp. (116376)
  • Wakol PU280 Polyurethane Primer

    Wakol PU280

    Wakol PU 280 Polyurethane Primer is for priming absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, and to reinforce abraded concrete edges. Also for capillary ascending humidity and higher residual humidity up to 6 CM% in cement paving without floor heating on heated cement paving up to max. 3 CM%.

    • Single component polyurethane resin primer
    • Suitable for use as a damp proof membrane
    • Strengthens the subfloor
    • Can be used on absorbant and non-absorbant subfloors
    • Quick drying (only 45 minutes per layer)!
    • Solvent and water free
    • Usage per m²: approx. 100-150 g/m² as primer, approx. 250-350 g/m² as moister blocker
    • Packaging (article nr.): 5 kg (130761) / 11 kg (130762) 


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