Adhesives for carpet & resilient

The range of adhesives consists of the following products:

  • WAKOL D 965 Tackifier Dispersion

    WAKOL D 965 Tackifier Dispersion


    WAKOL D965 is a solvent free dispersion based tackifier with good adhesion properties for the installation of carpet tiles. Through mixing with the WAKOL DL352 Conductive Dispersion the adhesive can be made electricity conductive.

    Because of the excellent fire retardant properties of this product we are the first supplier to obtain the IMO-certificate for this type of adhesive. This product will be labelled with the Marine Equipement Directive 96/98/EC logo.

    Complete system
    WAKOL D965 is part of a complete system that has been IMO-certificated. This tackifier combined with WAKOL Z615 Dust-reduced levelling compound, and WAKOL D3050 Plastification additive gives a flexible system that doesn't require any primer!

    • Consumption per m²: approx. 80 - 150 g/m²
    • Packaging (article nr.): 10 KG (133813)

  • Wakol D3318 Multiflex: fibre re-inforced universal adhesive

    Wakol D3318 Multiflex

    Wakol D 3318 is a fibre-reinforced, dispersion-based wet-bed adhesive that is very low in emissions. It is ideal for laying homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC-flooring, especially PVC-design flooring, PVC-foam flooring, CV-flooring as well as flexible tiles, linoleum, rubber flooring and rubber napped flooring with smooth polished backing on absorbent subfloors indoors.

    • Consumption per m²: approx. 280-330 g/m² with TKB A2, ca. 400 g/m² with TKB B1
    • Packaging (article nr.): 3 liters (123014) / 10 liters (123015)
  • Wakol D3330 PVC Design Flooring Adhesive

    Wakol D3330 PVC Design Flooring Adhesive

    Wakol D 3330 is a dispersion-based adhesive for laying PVC design flooring in planks and tiles on subfloors levelled with cement-based Wakol levelling compound and primed with Wakol D 3074 Primer Concentrate, diluted with water, or Wakol D3073 Universal Primer. Using the contact method, Wakol D 3330 PVC Design Flooring Adhesive is also suitable for laying PVC soft skirting and in stair areas, for PVC floorings on steps and risers.

    • Consumption per m²: approx. 110 g/m²
    • Packaging (article nr.): 3 kg (123014) / 10 kg (123015)


    Click on the image below for instructions on using the Wakol D 3330.

  • Wakol D3360 Versa Tack: universal adhesive for LVT

    Wakol D3360 Versa Tack

    Wakol D3360 is suitable for laying linoleum, rubber flooring, textile flooring with fleece backing, latex foam backing, synthetic double backing or jute backing, woven textile flooring and needle fleece flooring on absorbent subfloors as well as for PVC- and CV-flooring on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.

    • Consumption per m²: approx. 250-550 g/m², depending on trowel notch size.
  • Wakol D3540 Cork Contact Adhesive

    Wakol D3540 Cork Contact Adhesive

    Wakol D3540 Cork Contact Adhesive is perfect for installing cork parquet, waxed and pre-sealed cork tiles without coated backing, on absorbent and non-absorbent subfl oors as well as on permanent, existing floor coverings. Also suitable for cork wall coverings and installing carpets on steps.

    • For reliable bonding of all natural-cork flooring
    • Also suitable for bonding natural-cork wall tiles
    • Use as pre-coating permits rational working
    • High installation reliability thanks to contact bonding that can immediately be subjected to load
    • Great economy thanks to low consumption
    • Very low in emissions, EMICODE EC1
    • Consumption per m²: approx. 110 g/m²
    • Packaging (article nr.): 2,5 liters (123553) / 5 liters (124454)
  • WAKOL MS550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive

    WAKOL MS550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive

    Wakol MS550 is de eerste MS-lijm die geschikt is voor zowel PVC-, PVC-design en rubberen vloerbedekking. Zowel geschikt voor zuigende als niet-zuigende ondergronden.

    • NEW – first MS adhesive for LVT flooring
    • Simple – 1-component, no mixing, less waste
    • Universal – even on non-absorbent subfloors
    • Powerful – fast strength build-up

    Consumption per m²: approx. 300-480g
    Packaging (article nr.): 12 kg (138876)

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